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best chamomoile tea

Chamomile tea is a natural home remedy dating back centuries. Proponents rave about the beverage’s numerous health benefits, while others believe science has yet to prove that it can help with curing illnesses. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, chamomile tea can be an enjoyable beverage.

In this guide, we’ll cover our selections for the best chamomile tea on the market today. Also, check out our other reviews of the best coffee and tea in Seattle.

Best Chamomile Tea Online

Here are three chamomile brands worth your while and that we consider the best chamomile tea choices.

Best Overall

Davidson’s Loose Leaf Flowers

Best Splurge

Frontier German Co-Op Chamomile Flowers

Best Value

U.S. Wellness Matricaria Chamomilla

1. Davidson’s Loose Leaf Flowers

If you’re looking for something pure, consider Davidson’s Loose Leaf Chamomile Flowers. In this package, you’ll receive a full herbal flower. With this yellow flower, you’ll reap the benefits of relaxation and pain relief. Plus, yellow flowers tend to taste buttery and sweet.

The brewing process for Davidson flowers is easy. Start by boiling fresh water and add two grams of tea to a mug, preferably an 8-oz one. You may also opt to use an infuser.

Then, pour the boiling water into the cup and steep for five to seven minutes. Afterward, take out the infuser or strain the tea leaves. And that’s all there is to it!

Overall, loose leaf tea has many benefits over other forms of tea. For starters, it is of a higher quality. Bagged teas sell the leftover dust from leaves. With loose leaf tea, you are getting the purest version of chamomile available to you. Thus, you have more control over the flavor and can reap all the health benefits loose leaf provides to you.

2. Frontier German Co-Op Chamomile Flowers

Originating in Croatia, Frontier’s German Chamomile Flowers also offer flowers that will help you relax. This kosher product will also provide benefits to your digestive system.

Many skincare companies utilize brewed German Chamomile Flowers in their lotions and creams. A known use for German Chamomile Flowers is to use it as part of a steam wash.

To do so, place the flowers in a bowl and add boiling water. Then, put your head over the bowl after placing a towel around your neck. The steaming session should last for approximately ten minutes. Following the steam, rinse your face with warm then cool water.

These German flowers help treat many ailments such as sunburns, skin irritation, and more. We find these flowers to be the best for uses other than drinking, especially for steaming your skin.

3. U.S. Wellness Matricaria Chamomilla

U.S. Wellness’ Matricaria Chamomilla is a 100% organic German Chamomile flower perfect for making essential oils. You can buy it in a 2-oz, 8-oz, 16-oz, or 1 lb bag. Originating in Egypt, this chamomile can create supplements you can add to several products such as shampoo, lotion, and more.

This chamomile brand stays potent for at least two years. Be sure to consistently steep this product to enjoy its numerous health benefits.

The thing that separates this brand of chamomile is the 100% assurance that it comes from Egypt. U.S. Wellness staffers travel to Egypt personally to get the flowers.

To brew Matricaria Chamomilla, we recommend investing in a tea infuser. To get the most out of your chamomile tea, harvest the herbs yourself. One thing about these flowers is they have a short lifespan, so it is best to use them right away.

Remove the head of the flower from the stem. Then, find a mint that complements the apple flavor of the chamomile. Next, boil water and add it to your teapot of mint and chamomile. Steep for five minutes and enjoy your chamomile tea!

This form of chamomile can act as an anti-inflammatory, cosmetic, and stress-reducing solution. The one-pound bag of Matricaria Chamomilla gives you optimal control over the tea-making process.

If you have experience making chamomile tea, you will love this flower.

In-Depth Guide To the Best Chamomile Tea in the World

What Is Chamomile?

Chamomile refers to several types of herbs in the Asteraceae family. The flowers resemble daisies and have a scent resembling an apple. The herb dates back to hieroglyphic times in Egypt, and ancient Greeks would use it for medicinal remedies.

Women were the primary users of this tea, as they believe it helped with PMS-related pain and discomfort. Chamomile is a natural remedy that millions of people still use today.

The Benefits of Chamomile Tea

There are many health benefits that the best chamomile teas can potentially provide to you.

Reduce Menstrual Pain

Firstly, avid chamomile drinkers claim a reduction in menstrual pain. A recent study found that steady consumption of chamomile tea led to reduced cramps and less anxiety.

Lower Blood Sugar

Chamomile is a practical supplement to use in addition to diabetes medication. It contains properties that help lower blood sugar levels in the body. Note that you should not opt to use herbal tea as a substitute for prescription medication as it alone cannot treat diabetes.

Cancer Treatment

Some doctors stand by the fact that chamomile tea can help target and destroy cancer cells. Research studies are ongoing, but the most recent ones show that it is effective in targeting tumors. However, other forms of tea, such as marigold, seem more effective in fighting cancer cells.

Insomnia Treatment

Studies are showing positive results that people who ingest chamomile tea fall asleep earlier than those who do not. It seems that this is the most accepted benefit by medical professionals. Scientists claim that chamomile tea has a similar function to benzodiazepine, a prescription anxiety drug that promotes better sleeping habits.

Treat Skin Conditions

Some people like to use chamomile tea to treat mild skin conditions. Though medical research studies fail to correlate the two, chamomile herbs carry anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce swelling and discomfort. Still, a lot of chamomile tea drinkers use flowers to create ointments and creams.

Other possible benefits include treating cold symptoms, preventing osteoporosis, and more. However, most people drink chamomile tea for relaxation before going to bed.

Quality of the Chamomile

The quality of chamomile tea depends on a few factors. For starters, the cultivation of tea is vital in determining its deliciousness. Just like food or coffee beans, how you source the product lends itself to its potency. Look for products with no additives and that are 100% pure.

Flavonoids are nutrients found in chamomile plants that give the tea its medicinal powers. It is vital to note that if you are a new chamomile consumer, start with a low dosage. If you drink a tea that has a high amount of chamomile, you may experience side effects. These side effects include allergic reactions, skin irritation, vomiting, and more.

If you suffer from allergies to pollen or chamomile, it is wise to avoid drinking chamomile tea. These flowers may contain pollen that can be harmful to your body. Similarly, young children should not use chamomile, as it’s harder for them to fight off infections.

Types of Chamomile

There are several different types of chamomile tea you can consume, with each having a unique flavor. These types of chamomile include field, stinking, Moroccan, yellow, and cape chamomile. However, the two most popular types of chamomile are Roman and German.

Roman Chamomile, or Chamaemelum nobile, is a flower that sprouts perennially. The calling card of the Roman Chamomile is its strong apple scent. Tea drinkers use this type of chamomile for its medicinal value, which fights fungus and provides a calming effect.

You can find Roman Chamomile in Central Europe and North America. Its stems consist of soft feathers, and there is one flower that grows on each stem. Many English homeowners use Roman Chamomile as a substitute for their lawns. Its essential oil has a bluish hue to it due to its angelic acid origin.

German Chamomile, or Matricaria recutita, is a plant that only sprouts seasonally. It is noticeably different from its Roman counterpart in that its stems are hairless and contain many flowers.

Most German Chamomile flowers originate in Egypt and are abundant all across Europe and in some parts of Asia. You won’t have to use a sweetener with German Chamomile teas as the flower has a grassy and sweet straw taste.

German Chamomile is bluer than Roman flowers due to its high chamazulene level. Chamazulene gives plants anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, German Chamomile tea is ideal for those looking to relieve pain and swelling.

Additional benefits of this type of chamomile tea include maintaining skin conditions, stress relief, and alleviating PMS discomfort. German Chamomile is the most popular type of tea on the market today.

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