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Best Dragonwell Tea

best dragonwell tea

A Guide to Choosing the Best Dragonwell Tea

Tea is a delicious and healthy way to start your day. Dragonwell Tea, also called Longjing Tea, is one of China’s most popular green tea varieties. This unique tea comes from the Zhejiang province of China and has a distinct flavor. The drink leaves a sweet aftertaste and is a must-try for all tea-lovers.

Top Brand Recommendations for Buying the Best Dragonwell Tea

Best Overall

Davidson’s Organics Dragonwell Green Tea

Best Splurge

Organic Positively Tea Company’s Dragonwell Green Tea

Best Value

Starwest Botanical’s Organic Dragonwell Tea

1. Davidson’s Organics Dragonwell Green Tea

Davidson’s Organics offers affordable organic Dragonwell Green Tea in 16-ounce packets. The company sources the tea leaves from the Qian Tang region in the Zhejiang Province. Kosher-certified, the package contains clear brewing instructions.


·  Affordable price

·  Nut-like flavor and sweet aroma

·  Good packaging (comes in 2 oz. sample bags, too)

·  Trusted brand that offers a variety of teas


·  Large-sized packages (over 16 oz.) are unavailable, thus requiring more frequent ordering

2. Organic Positively Tea Company’s Dragonwell Green Tea

Organic Positively Tea Company’s Dragonwell Green Tea is already a favorite among many, with a fresh and nutty taste and a subtle aroma. As the name implies, the tea is organic. The leaves are large and perfectly flattened along the veins. The high caffeine content of the tea is just enough to give the energy boost tea drinkers need to get through a whole day.


·  Good packaging

·  Clear brewing instructions

·  Pleasing flavor profile


·  Slightly expensive

3. Starwest Botanical’s Organic Dragonwell Tea

An inviting aroma and a toasty flavor are essential features of the Starwest Botanical’s Organic Dragonwell Tea. The rich flavors of the tea are well-preserved through the polyfoil bag packages. The bag has a resealable zipper closure that makes storage simple and convenient.


·  Makers flatten the leaves perfectly along the veins.

·  The flavor is sweet, nutty, rounded, and rich.

·  The packaging is brilliant.


·  Sampler bags are not readily available.

The Origin of Dragonwell Tea

Dragonwell tea has existed since China’s Ming Dynasty (as early as the 14th century). Some even believe that tea harvesting began during the 10th century when the Tang Dynasty ruled the nation. Several folk histories exist about the origin and rise of the Dragonwell tea.

During the early centuries, tea was a royal indulgence. Connoisseurs loved the best Dragonwell tea for its refreshing flavor and sweet fragrance. Today, it is a favorite among tea lovers worldwide and is among China’s top ten most popular teas.

Dragonwell Tea Is Special – Why?

The authentic tea leaves come from the mountainous regions of Hangzhou and Qian Tang in the Zhejiang province. Workers pluck the tea leaves by hand during the early spring days in April. The acidic soil of the province, combined with the mild weather and moist air, turns the tea shrub’s leaves into something spectacular.

Other factors that enhance the flavor of the tea are the quality of water, the mild rain showers, fluctuating temperatures, and the perfect terrain of the province.

The tea gardens of Hangzhou grow on very highly elevated lands. The tea-growing estates experience less pollution and practice natural methods of harvesting. Replete with so much flavor, this Dragonwell spring tea has become a global favorite.

Important Features

The spear-like tea leaves render a smooth yellow liquid that tastes like roasted chestnut. The best Dragonwell tea is smooth and mellow. The aroma is light and fruity, while the taste has slightly nutty and creamy notes. If the tea you receive smells grassy or too harsh, it may not be of the best quality.

The best Dragonwell tea does not taste bitter even after it is over-steeped. Another unique thing about Dragonwell tea is that it is never harsh on the gut, unlike many other varieties of green tea.

Health Benefits of Dragonwell Green Tea

The Dragonwell tea is a variety of green tea and therefore provides the health benefits characteristic of any other type of green tea.

However, this tea offers additional benefits because it uses only the young buds and leaves of the plant. Also, the heating process used to dry the tea (pan-baked on hot woks) helps it retain its rich nutrients.

The theobromine content of the tea is higher than in some varieties of black teas. Theobromine is an alkaloid found in chocolate (cacao beans), teas, and kola nuts. It helps to improve the respiratory functions of the body and boost brain function. The tea also has a significant amount of caffeine.

The best Dragonwell tea contains Vitamin C and amino acids. The tea has high amounts of antioxidants and anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-inflammatory properties. The catechins in tea make it ideal for everyday consumption.

Like many other varieties of green tea, the best Dragonwell tea can lower anxiety levels, boost energy levels, and aid in weight loss. It takes care of the heart by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The tea enhances mental alertness and is a fantastic substitute for other high-calorie beverages.

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Dragonwell Tea

Traditionally, to brew Dragonwell tea, Chinese tea drinkers did not use a regular teapot. Instead, they brewed the tea in a glass or a gaiwan brewing bowl. The leaves settle to the bottom within minutes, and the drinker can enjoy the liquid that rises to the top.

To brew a cup of the best Dragonwell tea, follow the below steps:

1. Take an eight-ounce cup filled halfway with hot water.

2. The temperature of the water must be just below the boiling point. Around 176 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.

3. Add two teaspoons of the Dragonwell tea leaves and swirl the cup. Tilt and rotate the cup until all leaves are wet.

4. Some brands of the Dragonwell tea leaves have the stem along with them. This is a good thing, and you can easily filter the stem out.

5. Now, fill the remaining cup with water at the same temperature.

6. Leave the cup undisturbed to steep for 2 or 3 minutes. You may place a lid on the cup as you need to. (If you use a traditional “gaiwan”—a traditional Chinese lidded bowl brewing vessel—to brew the tea, you may reach the perfect level of flavor within one minute).

7. You may add honey or any natural sweetener, but is only optional.

8. The tea is now ready.

9. The best Dragonwell tea can accommodate up to 5 or 6 infusions, but you will need a few extra seconds of steeping the more you use it.

10.  When the water gets down to about 25% of the cup, you may add more hot water to continue to fill the cup so you can enjoy the tea.

Adjust the tea leaves and temperature of the water to suit your taste buds. Note that the tea from high quality leaves will not go bitter even after as many as six or seven infusions.

Tips to Buy Dragonwell Tea

To buy the best Dragonwell tea, consider the following factors.

Tea growing regions: Within the Zhejiang province, the most authentic form of Dragonwell tea comes from the Shi Feng Long Jing region. The other regions that grow the tea are Mei Jia Wu Long Jing and Xi Hu Long Jing.

The best cultivar: The small and uniform leaves of Camellia sinensis may yield the best form of tea. Other varietals offer tea with mildly different flavors and aromas.

Plucking time: To get the best Dragonwell tea, timeliness in plucking the leaves is important. Growers harvest the leaves before the Qingming Festival (the first week of April) or between April 20 and the first week of May. They consider any leaves plucked between these two time periods as low-grade.

Tea-making process: The tea goes through a traditional baking method after harvest. Processors bake the tea leaves in iron pans and must adhere to the right temperature and moisture levels. The process involves several techniques, including pressing, grinding, buckling, shaking, and so on.

The shape of leaves: The perfect Dragonwell tea leaves are small, spear-like, and shiny. They are flat along the inner veins.

Taste: Good Dragonwell tea leaves a honey-like sweetness on the taste buds. The flavor is mild and has subtle floral notes.

Color: Clear and bright, the tea is mild yellow with a tint of green. Dark colors may indicate overbaking or a lower quality of leaves.

Packaging: Smaller packages allow drinkers to experiment with more brands and varieties.

Scent: Dragonwell tea is very aromatic. The floral smell is more evident when the tea drinker has brewed it. The leaves have a vegetal smell.

Price: The best Dragonwell tea is a high-priced variety of green tea. Prices, however, vary with the brands and the origin of the tea leaves. The less expensive brands are likely to be lower-quality varieties.

The Bottom Line

Tea is a daily necessity for some. For others, this warm beverage is a fetish. Dragonwell tea is delicious, an ideal drink for any time of the day. While choosing the best Dragonwell tea, let the taste buds decide. Every variety of Dragonwell tea, regardless of its origin and cultivator, has a pleasant profile.

The unique flavor and taste of the tea can easily turn it into one’s favorite. With multiple health benefits and a fresh aroma, Dragonwell tea is a real treat for the body and mind. Check the reviews of the best brands here to make the right decision. Enjoy a perfect brew every day!