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Best Tulsi Tea

best tulsi tea

The Best Tulsi Tea Online

Here are three of the best tulsi tea products you can find at the store today.

Best Overall

Tea Mind Body’s Organic Tulsi Leaves

Best Splurge

Worldwide Botanicals Organic Holy Basil Tea

Best Value

Organic India Tulsi Original Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

1. Tea Mind Body’s Organic Tulsi Leaves

Tea Mind Body’s pure leaves combine Krishna, Rama, and Vana leaves for a unique blend of flavors. The product comes in a package that enables the leaves to stay fresh for approximately two years. Tea Mind Body is always upfront about where their leaves come from, and information regarding their origin is on each package.

In totality, a one-pound bag will allow you to make approximately 225 cups of tulsi tea. The package also contains instructions on brewing different kinds of tea with these leaves, with all of them being simple.

Boil water and pour it into an 8-oz mug mixed with tulsi leaves and mint. Tea Mind Body also sells many different kinds of mints that complement your cup of tulsi tea satisfyingly.

Overall, Tea Mind Body’s tulsi tea provides antioxidants that help clear your breathing passages and help you eliminate your night cravings. You will get a good night’s sleep if you drink Tea Mind Body’s tulsi tea before bed. Also, this tea is delicious whether you serve it hot or cold.

2. Worldwide Botanicals Organic Holy Basil Tea

Worldwide Botanicals sells a loose-leaf tulsi tea that will supply you with all the benefits you’re looking for. The brand sells separate bags for Krishna, Rama, and Vana leaves.

Similar to Tea Mind Body’s tea, this beverage is easy to make. We recommend a tea infuser and a five-minute steep for the best results.

We find it is at its best when you pair it with peppermint or ginger. You will feel an increase in your immune system when you consume Worldwide Botanical’s holy basil tea. It is a natural mood booster that will help you live a more comfortable daily life.

This holy basil tea originates in India and is 100% pure. Farmers in India work diligently to cultivate and harvest holy basil tea the correct way. Worldwide Botanicals has a forty-year working relationship with farmers in India and oversees the proper harvesting of their tea leaves.

We must say that their herbs are among the highest quality in the world.

3. Organic India Tulsi Original Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

Another herbal tea product that is sweeping the nation is Organic India’s loose leaf tea.

As you can tell by the company name, Organic India verifies that all of its tea products come from the holy basil tea capital of the world. Its loose-leaf herbal tea prides itself on its stress relief and energizing properties.

The one-pound bag combines Vana, Rama, and Krishna leaves for a blended flavor. As with other herbal teas, it tastes best with a mix of peppermint or ginger. Feel better after tasting a cup of herbal tea as its antioxidants help boost your immune and respiratory systems.

Organic India partners with local farmers in India to harvest its leaves authentically. The company cares deeply about these farmers and contributes a lot to the economy of India. It is a LEED Platinum award winner for its contributions to Indian culture.

The brand recommends that you steep your one tablespoon of herbal tea for five minutes before consumption.

You cannot go wrong with any of these three herbal tea products. Each contains properties that will naturally boost your energy levels and help you achieve relaxation. Note that all these tulsi tea products are caffeine-free and organic certified.

Guide To Finding the Best Tulsi Tea

A plant with a history dating back nearly 5,000 years, tulsi is a natural remedy that many still use in modern times. And anything that has that long of a lineage must have credibility.

While doctors and scientists are still studying the exact benefits of tulsi, one thing is for sure—tulsi tea is a soothing beverage that makes you feel good.

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We’ll walk you through what makes an effective tulsi tea and look at three of the best tulsi tea brands available.

Where the Best Tulsi Tea Grows

The tulsi plant originates in India, and locals call it holy basil. It has a religious and spiritual background and is part of the same family as mint, oregano, and lavender.

Today, you will find tulsi plants in Southeast Asia, where the humid temperatures help promote their growth.

Tulsi plants are long, furry, and sprout purple flowers from their stems. The tulsi you use in your herbal tea are dried versions of the plant.

There are many folktales about the spiritual significance of the tulsi plant. The most famous is the belief that tulsi is the physical incarnation of Lakshmi, one of the Hindu god Vishnu’s three wives.

The story goes that Vishnu’s other two wives cast a hex on Lakshmi, condemning her to be born as a plant. Vishnu assures Lakshmi that she will be a tulsi plant and her spirit will rejoin him eventually. Thus, the legend of the tulsi plant took on a life of its own.

Benefits of Tulsi Tea

Drinking tulsi tea provides many benefits to your body.

Prevents Respiratory Disorders

One of the many things tulsi tea drinkers rave about is the beverage’s ability to increase immunity to respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. Tulsi herbs aid in soothing your throat and eliminating phlegm if you are dealing with congestion.

Reduces Stress

Another benefit of tulsi tea is its ability to reduce stress. It does this by lowering the cortisol hormone, which is responsible for your anxiety level.

Regulates Blood Sugar

Tulsi tea is a practical supplement for those dealing with blood sugar issues such as diabetes. The herb improves your body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates and fats. This process allows your body to use sugar for energy and not store excess amounts.

Improves Oral Health

A benefit that not many people realize tulsi tea offers them is its ability to improve oral health. Tulsi tea has antimicrobial properties that help cleanse your teeth and gums of harmful bacteria that cause gingivitis and gum disease. The herb also helps improve your breath.

Helps Arthritis Patients

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, tulsi tea is helpful for people with arthritis. Tulsi tea can help reduce swelling, discomfort, and joint pain.

Improved Sleep

While tulsi tea has medicinal benefits, most people use it to get a better night’s sleep. Drinking tulsi tea before bed is an ideal way to counter insomnia. Many people also drink chamomile tea to relax and help improve sleep.

Types of Tulsi

There are a few different types of tulsi plants, each with distinct characteristics that can affect flavor and medicinal benefits.


With Krishna, you will get a faint taste of pepper in your tea. However, the Krishna plant puts off a strong odor that resembles a clove. These plants are widespread throughout India. You know you are looking at Krishna by its strikingly purple flowers. A lot of Indians use Krishna to adorn their homes and gardens.


Rama is the green leaf version of tulsi. While the plant also gives off a clove scent, Rama tastes more rich and soothing than Krishna. The growth of Rama is more widespread, sprouting throughout China, Nepal, and Bengal. You can also find it in the Himalayan mountain range.


In contrast to its relatives, Vana has a mild and citrus-like taste. Its color is a lighter shade of green than Rama, and it has a pleasant, fresh aroma. While farmers cultivate it, Vana also grows wild across Asia and Africa. 

How To Brew Tulsi Tea

Follow these instructions to perfect your tulsi tea-making process.

With tulsi tea, you want to use water that is cool and pure. We find that spring water works the best.

The steeping process is similar to what you would do with herbal tea. Boil water and pour it into your herb mix. Typically, the package you bought the tulsi tea in will provide specific instructions on making the best tulsi tea for that version.

If you have an infuser, steep for a few minutes and then check on the brew. You can steep for longer if necessary.

It is vital to note that while tulsi herbs never spoil, they can become stale. The outlined products above can tell you all about the harvesting process of their plants. That’s why you must purchase from reputable brands only.

You will find that your first few cups of tulsi tea will be the most delicious and beneficial. The more effectively you store tulsi tea, the longer it will last. For example, you should place your tulsi herbs in a dark, mild location.

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