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When & what is national cold brew day?

For many people across the word, the day HAS to start with a cup of coffee. For many others, coffee is their go- to beverage when they have to gear up for some serious brain work.

As a beverage that helps you stay up to pull an all- nighter, coffee has this practically legendary reputation. Given all of this, it is not surprising that coffee has its own Day. September 29th is celebrated as National Coffee Day in both the U.S and Canada. The International Coffee Day falls on October 1st every year. But did you know that there is yet another day earmarked for coffee? That’s the National Cold Brew Day or CBD as the aficionados calls it and it falls on April 20th. In recent years, the National Cold Brew day is getting as much attention as the coffee day, thanks to the rage that cold brew coffee has become.

The cold brew that took the caffeine world by storm

Mention the word ‘coffee’ and the first thing that pops into mind is a piping hot, steaming mug of coffee? The aroma of fresh roasted coffee beans wafting up from the mug? Well, for many coffee lovers, the word ‘coffee’ may actually conjure up an image of a chilled, ice cold mug of cold brew. The same heady taste of coffee, just more velvety, smoother and more rounded- that’s what cold brewed coffee tastes like. Moreover the beans are quite different from those used in traditional hot coffee. Introduced as an exclusive drink at first, cold brew has made its place firmly in the food/ beverages industry. Cold brew is here to stay!

The cold brew version has taken the world of caffeine by storm and that is quite evident from the numbers you can see:

(Note: Statistics from GrandView Research)

·      In 2018, the world cold brew coffee market stood at 339.4 million

·      From 2019 to 2025, it is expected to exhibit a 25.1% CAGR

·      The growth could be maximum in online distribution channels but physical stores will also witness significant growth in sales in the cold brew segment

·      By the end of 2025, the revenue forecast for this segment stands at 1.63 billion US dollars

·      North America has the lion’s share of the consumer market when it comes to cold brew coffee, underlining its popularity here

What’s special about National cold brew coffee day?

Cold brew coffee is not new. It’s been here for a while but it is in recent years that it has gained in popularity immensely. As early as in 17th century Japan, we find references to cold brew coffee. When French troops fought in Algeria in 1840, they used cold brew coffee to combat the heat. American Civil War soldiers tasted a similar brew too. After a brief period of disappearance, cold brew stormed back into limelight recently.

To be precise, since the year 2015, cold brew coffee has become quite the rage. Many leading brands, including Starbucks have come out with their own version of cold brew. But that’s not all. They also have introduced cold brew kits so coffee lovers can make their own versions at home.

So, what exactly does the National Cold Brew day on April 20th mean for you?? Well, for starters, it is a day for you to celebrate your love for this variant of coffee alongside like minded individuals. Head down to your favorite coffee hangouts on this day and you are sure to find new versions of the brew waiting for you to taste them.

Most coffee bars have discounts on cold brew on April 20th, tasting sessions, special offers and more to make cold brew drinking somewhat of a festival on this day. In recent years, coffee industry majors have also organized road shows. In one such roadshow held in March this year, interactive tutorials on brewing techniques and much more were covered.

Other players in the industry also organize tours. A tour about cold brew coffee innovation was kicked off in March as well in which many coffee roasters, coffee brands and cafes participated. The theme was to tell people more about cold brews and how they are made.

In short, April 20th is a day of celebration for cold brew coffee lovers because they have much to look forward to. New varieties from their favorite brands or cafes are common. So are steep discounts and attractive offers on cold brew. And in addition, they get to mingle with like minded individuals and also learn more about making the perfect cold brew at home. If you are someone who loves this beverage, then mark this date on your calendar and get set to have some fun!