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Pros and Cons of Green Tea

Green tea is a popular beverage that is believed to possess several medicinal properties and health benefits. Made from the buds and leaves of Camellia Sinensis, green tea is different from the other teas such as black tea and Oolong tea. It is antioxidant-rich and offers loads of health benefits however, if consumed more than what is required by your body, green tea causes some side effects in addition to its benefits. This article talks about pros and cons of green tea.

Pros of Drinking Green Tea

Heart Health

According to the research conducted at the Harvard, green tea amazingly impacts heart health. While it regulates the levels of good cholesterol, the tea also controls and keeps in check the bad cholesterol levels in your body. Drinking appropriate quantities of green tea also regulates the flow and pressure of blood. It works beneficially for those suffering from cardiovascular problems or people that have heart problems running in their family.

Cancer Check

The anti-carcinogenic agents and polyphenols reduce the risk of several types of cancers such as bladder cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer and blood cancer. Since the product is rich in antioxidants, as mentioned in the aforesaid lines, it works amazingly against cancer cells according to various studies; besides, the polyphenols travel along with blood and fight the damaged cells, and ensure that the other healthy cells remain undisturbed.

Cholesterol Check

The Catechins prevalent in the green tea lower the bad cholesterol levels, at the same time boost the good cholesterol levels. It is simple to make; it is also recommended here to prepare a powdered green tea version in order to experience full benefits.

Since a higher level of bad cholesterol is directly related to heart attacks and other heart ailments, green tea is now preferred by a large percentage of health-conscious people.

Oral Health

Green tea is said to boost your oral health. Drinking one cup of green tea a day will eliminate bad breath from your mouth. The drink is also believed to benefit great for your gums and teeth. The green tea also helps if you have oral issues such as decay, swellings, plaque and tartar which if ignored, might cause a number of serious problems in the future. If you often experience oral health issues or looking to cut down on your dental visits, having a cup of green tea every day might just be an ideal solution.

Burns Calories

The catechins in the green tea helps in burning the calories. So, if exercises and heavy workouts are not truly providing the results you want or obesity is worrying you, it may help eliminate that stubborn and unwanted fat deposits. Consuming small quantities of green tea makes you feel energetic as well. Restore your body shape and increase your metabolism with green tea!

Skin Health

As it is widely known, free radicals cause wrinkles and aging spots, which many a time, come in the way of self-confidence. The antioxidants eliminate the effects that are caused by these free radicals. It might be taken internally or used externally; yes, you can apply it over your skin as well! The powerful antioxidants can be very beneficial in the body according to recent research studies.

Reduces Glucose Levels

For diabetics, green tea works like a magical drink. The catechins mix with the blood and reduce blood sugar levels; this tea has therefore become a hit with diabetic patients. In a world where diabetic patients are on the rise by the day, green tea has come as a blessing. It has become widely popular both in the eastern and western worlds. This could also help with weight loss and other health benefits.

Improves Brain Functions

Green tea is said to enhance the memory power and eliminate the neurological disorders. While the catechins help the brain function normally in aged persons, the L-theanine compound enables one to attain calmness, thereby reducing stress. Several researches have been conducted on animals and it has been proved that green tea improves brain functions to a considerable extent.

Energy booster; Soothing

Caffeine in green tea is highly stimulating and keeps you active and energetic all day. L theanine along with caffeine makes the flavor sweet and astonishingly soothing.

Cons of Drinking Green Tea

Excessive drinking of green tea might cause some side-effects. Some people have even reported to have developed allergy to certain compounds present in the green tea.


The tannins in the green tea fuel the acid production in the body which might cause nausea in some people. It is not advisable for people that are affected with peptic ulcers. Vomiting is also a commonly observed side-effect that often accompanies nausea; so, if you have an allergy towards tannin, it is best recommended to avoid consuming this beverage.


Green tea contains small quantities of caffeine that causes palpitation in some people. If you are caffeine sensitive or have stomach infections, you better stay away from this drink. Palpitation might sometimes become severe if you have suffered a recent stomach infection. Moreover, it is not recommended for pregnant women since it contains caffeine.

Iron Deficiency

Tannins are also reported to prevent the accumulation/absorption of iron in the body. Pregnant women are therefore not advised to consume this drink. People that are deficient in iron should also avoid this beverage.

Pregnancy Problems

The EGCG hinders the growth of the baby in the womb during pregnancy. Consuming this drink when pregnant might result in low baby weight and/or premature birth.

Other Complications

If you are taking any medication for any health issue, especially with weight loss, it is best advised that you consult your physician before consuming green tea. This is because certain compounds react with some medicines causing irritation, convulsions, restlessness etc. In some children, it may negatively impact their growth. The tea can also create loss of appetite and cause insomnia.

Green tea offers numerous health benefits but if you are prone to allergies or suffer from any health condition, please consult your doctor before consuming this drink. Thanks for checking out our green tea pros and cons article!