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Best Coffee Shops in West Seattle

Seattle has always been regarded as the coffee capital of the world. Home of leading coffee brand Starbucks brand, this charming city boasts more quaint and local coffee shops than any other city. Seattle is no doubt, home to superb coffee. In West Seattle alone, there are numerous coffee shop gems that one must experience.

Whether you’ve got a sophisticated palette for the coffee bean or just loving starting your day with a hot cup of joe in the morning, here are some of the best coffee shops to experience in West Seattle:

1. Uptown Espresso

Located on Delridge Way, this exquisite coffee shop boasts six locations across Seattle! Making their first appearance on the Seattle coffee scene in 1984, Uptown Espresso is a pioneer in brewing the perfect cup of coffee. It is definitely the best place for discerning coffee palettes. Their expert baristas, proprietary coffee roasts topped with Velvet Foam and hand-made baked goods are a perfect combination. Throw in a comfortable and elegant atmosphere and you’ve got the best brew experience in town.

2. Bird on a Wire Espresso

Located on SW Henderson Street, this coffee shop is the perfect place to experience the entire range of coffees and flavors. Americanos and Cubanos are a big hit at this place. They serve it with a hit of espresso. You can opt for a hit of raw sugar and cream for a real treat. If you enjoy authentic, flavoured coffee, then we recommend their salted caramel. Unlike other coffee joints, this place makes their own syrups. You can definitely taste the richness while sipping on your coffee. If you’re a true coffee aficionado, then we’ve got great news. Bird on a Wire Espresso is one of the few coffee shops that sell Raven’s Brew Coffee. In addition, they’re probably one of the few coffee houses that features coffees from small brick and mortar businesses in the United States.

Don’t have time to cook breakfast? Just stop by Bird on a Wire Espresso and be prepared to wake up your taste buds with light food items such as banana bread, biscuits and granola. That’s not all, try their Toddy cold-brewed coffee or chai recipes on the go, served in cute mason jars.

3. Red Cup Espresso

When you’re driving along California Avenue SW, it will be very difficult to miss the giant red cup beckoning you to come in and experience the warmth and coziness of a local café in Europe. Welcome to The Red Cup Espresso. A friendly, local coffee shop that is also a drive-thru. By the way, be prepared to receive a warm welcome from Breanna and Samir when you walk in; just another reason to just come in and sit down.

At Red Cup Espresso, your nose will swerve and swivel in many directions as it is hit by the aromas of various coffee brews. Pair any of their coffees with a delicious Hi 5 pastry and you’ve got a good start to your day. Red Cup Espresso has an inviting ambiance, perfect for a gathering of close friends and family. They have the best espresso grind in the city too!

4. Hotwire Online Coffeehouse

Also located on California Avenue SW, it is one of the last Seattle institutions to enable customers to go online and take print outs. Although serving exceptional tasting coffee with equally exceptional customer service is a major part of their business, their free Wi-Fi offering with computer access is definitely a value-added service. A tradition that has been going on for the past eleven years.

The owner Lora is a native of England, whose experience in Italy helped shape her enthusiasm for coffee. She decided to open Hotwire as place of meeting for friendships to develop and grow. Since opening her doors on September 4, 2002, Hotwire has become an important part of the community.

Located in a beautiful brick building that dates back to 1910, this coffee shop is only 350 square feet. It boasts a coffee bar, 2 hook-ups, 4 Internet-capable computers and an impressive espresso machine. When combined together, it creates an intimate space that just works!

Lora states that people are fascinated by the process of brewing coffee. They love to see how the milk is steamed and how the flavor shots are added. In an effort to stay innovative, Hot Wire has recently incorporated ‘text wire’ into their service. This service enables customers to text in their orders while sitting at a table. No more standing in long queues!

Coffee shops are the soul and heartbeat of West Seattle. Start your day with a smile or wind down with the perfect brew at any of these superb coffee shops.