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Best Tea Shops in Seattle

Seattle is heaven for tea, coffee, and espresso lovers. The beautiful city has a number of tea shops where customers can relish their favorite beverage to their soul’s content. If you are a tea lover and reside in Seattle, here is a list made to help you find the best places where you can savor your much-liked drink.

Zen Dog Studio

Located on 2015 NW 85th St, Seattle, Zen Dog Studio is a popular tea shop that also houses a beautiful art gallery. You can rent the space for private tea parties which would certainly be one-of-a-kind treat for your guests. Visit alone if you want to unwind during the weekend or host a small party if you love to spend time with your friends and colleagues. The place serves the best Oolong while the ambience is out of the ordinary.

Coyle’s Bakeshop

Situated on 8300 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, this modern bakery stands out when it comes to tea selection and method of preparation. The place is known for yummy pastries such as chiffon cakes, crunchy hazelnut croissants and cream scones. The shop is also famous for its afternoon tea events that feature sweets and savory treats along with tea, sometimes coupled with wine.

Friday Afternoon

Formerly an online shop, Friday Afternoon recently added a retail location at 4228 Stone Way N, Wallingford, Seattle. The place serves a range of true tea, geeky mixes and herbal blends with medicinal value. The tea shop is small but amazingly warm and welcoming. The walls feature local art that you can appreciate while relishing each sip of your favorite beverage. If you are interested in tea making and blending, take note; the owner, Friday Elliott also conducts blending workshops. He hosts theme parties as well to cater to the huge customer base in the city.

Miro Tea

Miro Tea is known for distinct specialty drinks and over 200 teas and brewing techniques. This minimalist café offers outdoor seating and free Wifi as well serves you with guest pastries and lip-smacking crepes. However, the place is always crowded and you might find it hard to get a seat; such is the demand for their beverages! Miro Tea is located on 5405 Ballard Ave NW Seattle. If you are serious or very particular about tea quality and want no compromises on taste, this casual, welcoming place is for you! Try their detox tea or mixed ice tea and satisfy your craving for the beverage!

Queen Mary Tea Room

Located on 2912 NE 55th St, at 30th Ave NE Seattle, this place is popular for Divine Monkey and Royal Afternoon Tea. Queen Mary Tea Room is however small and reservations are required if you are going to visit the place in a group. The tea shop offers tasty teas to ensure the highest customer satisfaction while the staff is absolutely kind and always at your service. This tea room is also reputed for providing typical English tea service.

Tea Republik

Youngsters just love this place. Situated on 4527 University Way Northeast Seattle, Tea Republik is a popular hangout place for students and teen friends’ groups. It is open for relatively longer hours and serves the best cream/fruit tea blends, including the Lavender cream Earl Grey or the Chocolate Chimp Chai. You can choose your kind from the loose-leaf tea jars and enjoy your time here, feeling every sip of the much-loved beverage.

New Century Tea Gallery

Located on 416 Maynard Ave S, Seattle, New Century Tea Gallery offers the best green tea in Seattle. Apart from the great quality tea, the owners here are more than lovely while their teas, very competitively priced. This tea room is here for several years now and has become a popular joint; this is a must-visit tea shop if you are in Seattle. The neatly placed jars and the minimal interiors are simply outstanding.

Perennial Tea Room

This tiny brick store provides you the perfect British-feel. You can choose from the wide range of teas and match a cup of tea with British snacks to experience unique. You can, in fact, sample a few before buying the flavor you like. Situated on 1910 Post Aly, away from Pike Place Market, Perennial Tea Room also has a few tables where you can sit and enjoy your tea in peace.

Panama Hotel Tea and Coffee

Panama Hotel Tea and Coffee is located on 607 S Amin St, Seattle. This historic hotel has a lovely café where tea lovers can taste traditional flavors while the interiors feature vintage photographs that are often admired for being preserved for so long.

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