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Turkish coffee vs espresso

If you love drinking strong coffee, you may have to choose between Turkish coffee and espresso coffee. Both are strong drinks. However, each gets its strength from different aspects. Both are prepared in age-old ways. Each also comes from Europe but there are some differences between the two. Here is a brief look at the Turkish coffee versus espresso debate.

What is Turkish Coffee?

Turkish coffee has a flavor that is very bold. It gets this flavor from the fine grounds that are boiled in water. However, when you add sugar and different spices to the coffee, you will get an even bigger kick than espresso.

Espresso coffee also has a bold flavor. However, this flavor is purer. The nice thing about choosing Turkish coffee is that you can prepare it at home without any special equipment. It is made in the traditional manner by heating a mixture of water and grounds over a stove. To the water, you can add some coffee grounds, and then you can stir the mixture. Once the water starts boiling, you can remove it from the heat and serve it.

Mostly, Turkish coffee is made in a copper pot although, in modern times, people choose ceramic pots or stainless-steel pots. Both of these works well. If you want, you can add sugar before serving your Turkish coffee. Remember, that it is very strong as well as intense. This is what makes Turkish coffee such an attractive option. Some people bite into Turkish Delight and then sip their coffee while others prefer eating dates along with their Turkish coffee.

One Cezve of Turkish coffee is enough to brew three cups. It is very easy to make Turkish coffee and you can easily brew enough coffee to serve multiple people.

What is Espresso?

Making espresso requires a unique process. To make it, you need to force pressurized steam through the coffee grounds. As compared to Turkish Coffee, espresso requires special tools. You need a modern espresso machine, which is more complex. Espresso coffee can also be made with the help of an Aeropress but this coffee will be stronger than coffee made in a standard drip machine. Make sure you use a high quality espresso grinder to make the beans, otherwise the coffee will not taste the same as a professional barista would make.

Differences between the two types of coffee

Drink Espresso Neat

After preparing a shot of espresso, you can drink it neat. You can also add foamed milk in various volumes to create a latte or macchiato or even a cappuccino. Most espresso machines are only capable of brewing a single shot at one time. This means that it takes more time to prepare an espresso than it takes to prepare Turkish coffee.

Similar Volumes

The volume of both Turkish coffee and espresso coffee is the same. This means that both can be made from about the same amount of caffeine. It all depends on the roast you are using.

You make espresso with darker roasts. Such a roast does not contain a lot of caffeine because you are roasting the grounds. Since an espresso serving is small, it does not contain as much caffeine as other beverages.

Different Roasts

Turkish coffee is made from a lighter roast and since water and the grounds come into contact for longer, there is more caffeine in Turkish coffee. Even so, there is almost the same amount of caffeine in a Turkish coffee cup as there is in other drinks of the same volume.

Turkish coffee is ground a lot and the grounds are much finer than a typical instant coffee ground. The ground used for making Turkish coffee is finer than the grounds used to make espressos. Espresso is made from a fine ground. Even so, Turkish coffee grounds are even finer and feel like a powder but with greater consistency. Compared to the size of cold brew beans, these are ground much finer.

Different Taste

When comparing Turkish coffee with espresso, one of the things you want to know is how do they each taste. Turkish coffee produces very rich froth. It also has a very intense flavor. The flavor is also very rich and dark. To produce an extra kick, some people prefer adding different spices like turmeric and cardamom. Since Turkish coffee is not filtered, you get to taste many textures.

Espresso is made as a shot that is drunk after letting the shot cool a bit. Ideally, you should drink it in three sips at a time with each sip spaced apart. This will give you a variety of flavors and textures in each sip. Espresso allows you to get the real taste of pure coffee.

Turkish coffee is made by brewing the coffee grounds in boiling water. The grounds do not get filtered out and you can add sugar and spices to improve its taste to your liking.