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Best Tea Shops in Seattle

Seattle is heaven for tea, coffee, and espresso lovers. The beautiful city has a number of tea shops where customers can relish their favorite beverage to their soul’s content. If you are a tea lover and reside in Seattle, here is a list made to help you find the best places where you can savor…

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Best Coffee Shops in West Seattle

Seattle has always been regarded as the coffee capital of the world. Home of leading coffee brand Starbucks brand, this charming city boasts more quaint and local coffee shops than any other city. Seattle is no doubt, home to superb coffee. In West Seattle alone, there are numerous coffee shop gems that one must experience.

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Best Espresso in Seattle!

Espresso is a popular form of coffee that is made by forcing hot and pressurized water through finely roasted and ground coffee beans. It has a higher concentration of dissolved solids, delicious crema on top and generates the much-loved aroma, the real coffee flavor.

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